To use an SVG design on Cricut, you must have a machine that is compatible with Cricut Design Space. These are the "Explore" series of Cricut Machines.

  1. Open Cricut Design Space using Firefox and make sure you are logged in. You can access Design Space from the link below:
  2. Click the "Upload" cloud icon at the bottom left
  3. Click the "Upload Image" button 
  4. You can either click the "Browse" button and then find the file where it is saved on your computer or click and drag the SVG directly into the browser window.
    • Make sure to choose the SVG format file. Many files may have a similar name, so make sure it is the SVG version you are choosing, not one of the other formats. It helps if you have your file extensions showing. To turn on file extensions, follow the instructions linked below:
  5. Click the "Save" button at the lower right
  6. Choose the design you just uploaded from the thumbnails at the bottom and click "Insert Images" button at the lower right
  7. Resize as needed, scaling everything proportionally
  8. Right click the design and choose "ungroup" from the menu
    • If you need to delete anything you don't want to cut, select the piece(s) to be deleted and hit delete on your keyboard or click the red circle with the X
  9. If you want to re-assign material colors, do so now by going to the Layers tab at the right, double clicking the piece in the list at the right, and changing colors as desired. 
  10. Select all the pieces you want to cut together as a unit and then click "Attach" at the lower right. (You can also choose "Weld" if you want these pieces to be permanently treated as one unit).
    • Any pieces that are attached or welded together will be cut out of the same color material
  11. Repeat "attach" step for all sets of pieces to be cut together as one unit
  12. Once all changes have been made, click the "Make It" button at the top right to go into the cutting screen
  13. Select your material size as needed
  14. If you are using HTV or another material where the design needs to be mirrored, turn on the "mirror" setting.
  15. Click the "Continue" button at the lower right to send the design to your machine